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Reflections upon turning 44

On the occasion of my forty fourth birthday I received a box of chocolates and an an invitation to the AARP. I recently caught up on Star Trek Discovery and all of the ads were for luxury sports cars and medicines with horrendous side effects. I’m starting to pick up a trend.

The world has decided I’m old. I am not truly bothered by this fact because I often feel old myself. My spine didn’t used to pop every time I turn my head. I’m pretty sure my feet used to be straighter. And I’m damn certain I will soon need a set of cybernetic fingers to replace my aging typing appendages.

Fortunately I have an ace up my sleeve. An 8 year old boy I call my son, and occasionally his full name: “My son you’d better have cleaned up your room this instant or there will be no more iPad for weeks!” I can see new technologies through his eyes, giving me a window into a bright and shiny future where all devices are connected, all screens have a touch screen, and children compare their subscriber counts on the playground. Blessed are the geek, for they shall inherit the earth.

So on this occasion I would like to ask you, my dear gentle readers, what story do you feel needs to be written still? In my many years I have learned many things, but none so rich as this: to thine own self be true, but to your audience be what they want. And to all a good night

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